Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bullying in School

  The very idea of children committing suicide because of bullying is disgusting. Look what happened at Rutgers recently with that 18 year old violinist who killed himself.  He was tormented because he was gay.  Also, there was that story in Ohio where this 17 year old kid blew his head off because the bullies told him to.  They literally told him to shoot himself in the head and not come back.  Bullying can do permanent damage to innocent people.  It is a tough situation for the victims because they want to tell an adult, but what if the bullies find out they were told on?  I remember doing that, and it only made the bullying worse.  These bullies cannot possibly feel secure with themselves if they are bullying.  Maybe they do, I will be damned if I know.  But, these sensitive kids who are targeted by bullies are being destroyed emotionally.  I saw it first hand in an ally in Baltimore when I was living there.  I was walking to school from Cathedral Street, and I saw something that just disgusted me.  It has been ten years, but I still shudder when I think about this sometimes.  This girl was being tormented by these two bigger girls, and they had her pinned to a wall.  It drove me up the wall to watch it.  They were calling her names and threatening her.  I wish I had done something.  I wanted to start screaming at them to leave her alone.   I had it done to me.  Not at that level, but still I was a target.  I dont know what made me think of this, but I know that bullying still goes on in schools, and it is very hard to stop it.  Also, I give a damn, especially when the teachers do not care.  I love teachers and am the ultimate supporter of what they do.  Please do not misunderstand me here.  All I am saying is that a select few of them do not give a damn what is going on.  If children are committing suicide over bullying, and afraid to go to school, I just think that is really messed up.   

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