Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finally A New Blog Post

Where did the month of April go?  Wow, that sure went fast.  Spring is in the air, and it's my favorite time of the year.  The weather right now is about perfect.  I have some good things going on lately such as the wonderful concert of "Song of Norway" I was in tonight, and a recital May 17th at Christ Church in New Brunswick.  It's at 7 pm, and admission is free.  After the recital, I am going to learn some Russian repertoire, and what not.  I always like to learn new music, but sometimes jump into it too quickly.  My blog posts have been a bit sporadic lately, so I am writing this to get back into it.
   I think it's cool that Jason Collins came out and risked his NBA career to do so.  There's a lot of discrimination about those kinds of things.  People started criticizing him for it, saying it was a sin.  They can have their opinions, but their opinions suck. My question to them is, why are they judging Collins?  I think Collins showed a lot of strength and courage for doing what he did.  The analysts who criticized Collins can go shove it.
  Also, what is with all this violence?  Shootings are constantly on the news.  Why is that?  It seems that it is contagious, doesn't it?  It's a damn shame.  Kind acts should be contagious, not violent ones.  Kind acts go a long way.  All you have to do is compliment someone's sweater and it goes a long way.   
  I am also tired of bullying.  A 12 year old boy went into a coma because he was bullied.  He ending up dying.  It's unbelievable.  What the hell for?  So this is for all you bullies out there.  Cut the crap and realize how much you are hurting people.  I have witnessed bullying several times in the last few weeks.  Words have a really powerful impact.  I would say that verbal bullying is even worse than physical in a way.  Words stick for longer.
   Anyway, I wrote this post from my heart.  I didn't really think about it.  It seems that violent and unkind acts continue to happen, when it should be the opposite.  No one should be bullied first and foremost, and most of all, no one should kill themselves over bullying.  Bullying victims are effected for the rest of their life over some stupidity.  Just because someone is not good at sports does not make them less than.  It seems like bullying is getting worse, and not better.  A lot of the teaches in schools do it themselves.  I'm sure many of them step in, but a lot of teachers don't.  And, where did the term nerd come from?  I've regretfully used it myself. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, or make this post sound negative.  I actually mean the opposite.  I think people are good.  Bullying just stems from insecurity.  I've bullied fewer times than I can count on one finger.  I was feeling afraid and insecure every single one of those times.  I feel really bad for people who bully and have no remorse.  Well, anyhow, I guess this is a blog post about nothing like Seinfeld, which ended up mainly focusing on bullying.  Bullying is a difficult problem to solve for sure.  Doing kind acts is the only solution I can think of, since our actions and thoughts have a powerful impact.