Thursday, November 22, 2012


     I feel like it is has been ages since I have written a blog about anything.  I have been short on things to write about.  Anyway, here goes something I suppose.  I have been able to do some pretty good performances over the last month.  One of the highlights was singing in "Nevsky" with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Stephane Deneve.  He is a good conductor to watch out for, and I hope he is in Philly for other concerts.  Another highlight of last weekend was singing under British conductor and composer Phillip Stopford.  He is a very smart musician, who got over 200 people to sing pretty damn well together, and he did it with grace, dignity, and good humor.  There will be plenty of performing to come at Christmas time including a midnight mass, and Christmas morning mass.  Also, I am doing a recital at Solley Theatre in the Paul Robeson Center in Princeton on December 9th, a Philadelphia Singers Concert, and the Messiah with the Philadelphia Singers chorale.  I am performing the recital for performance practice, and also to give people pleasure with music.  Donations are appreciated, but it is really about the music.  I will not be singing the Grinch, so sorry.  I am also auditioning for the Met Chorus on December 11.  My goals are to sing well and not get lost in the building.  When in doubt, do those two things at auditions, and you cannot lose.  It is an experience, what else can I say?  It sure is a lot of stuff coming up.  Sleep has been sporadic because of commuting, anticipation, and my diva cat.  The diva likes to talk to me when I get home late at night, but hey, I will take it.  She saved me more than I saved her is how I look at it.  So, what am I thankful for?
     The list is quite long when I think about it logically.  Logic, what's that?  I have a roof over my head, a nice family and friends, a pet, food, music etc...  Gratitude and attitude rhyme for a reason.  It is important to have gratitude everyday, not just today.  Today is a day off, so there is more time to think about gratitude, and what I am grateful for.  There is really no excuse for not being grateful for me personally.  As I write about gratitude, I gain it.  Anyway, I wish everyone a happy rest of Thanksgiving.  Also, I vote not to go too crazy with the whole Black Friday thing.  I am being opinionated, and proud of it.  Remember, who and what you have in your lives, versus going insane with shopping.  I am all for thinking of other people, and for the phrase "it's the thought that count."  The thought most certainly does count, but so does safety.