Friday, February 21, 2014

What's Been Happening Lately

     I've been feeling kind of de-energized and unmotivated the last few days, so I figured I would write something.  Seeing Jonas Kaufmann in recital last night at Carnegie Hall was very inspiring.  He sure can sing.  On some passages he sang, I was thinking wow, how on earth is he doing that?  He also did quite a few encores after a very challenging program, and he sounded like he could go on all night.  Obviously he is singing with his body, and not his mind or throat, because if he weren't singing with his body, he would not have such impressive stamina.  I'm not a reviewer, so I'm not going to comment beyond saying it was really cool and inspiring.  
   Anyway, enough about that.  I am involved in a concert next weekend with Jeffrey Farrington, Jose Pietre-Coimbre and Patrick Durek.  It's next Sat at 7 at Christ Church in New Brunswick, an intimate church setting with strong acoustics.  My projects after that are a joint recital with soprano Amy Suznovich, and pianist Lynda Saponara, and a benefit concert for the Philippines featuring Filippino musicians, a strong lineup of singers and flamenco dancing by my aunt Lisa Bottalico.  These concerts will be great.  The performers are working really hard to make them possible.
    Now to non opera and music stuff I hope.  It's hard to get away from it, but there's a lot more to life than just music and opera.  I'm working on being as kind to people as I can and sticking up for myself in a kind way.  If I don't stick up for myself I end up hurting people because I become passive aggressively angry.  If something someone does bothers you it is fine to let the person know, but only in a kind and loving way.  Loving and kind works a lot better than aggressive and angry any day of the week.  If you get angry, the other person will pretty much always get angry too, or simply walk away.  Being angry especially in a passive aggressive manner just creates more problems.  The loving and kind way of dealing with issues is the only way that's ever worked for me.  Communicating is really important in professional situations, and relationships whether it be with friends or family.  Becoming angry at another person because I am too afraid to talk to them about something that was bothering me has not worked for me.  Being kind and loving is the key to good relationships.