Saturday, October 25, 2014

All We Have is Now

Seems obvious right?  Why is this such a simple, yet complicated topic?  Honestly it is simple.  All we have is now and that is reality.  I'm all for making future plans or learning from the past.  However, don't waste energy on either the past or worrying about the future because all we have is now.
   I will be completely honest about why I just thought about writing this entry.  I are chipotle which is not good for me, then was shaking my head in disgust thinking well if I had kept exercising, I'd be fit by now.  Okay, maybe that's true, but fuck it, all I have is now.  I can accept that I am not fit and make a decision to change that now and go forward.  I should be fit really doesn't mean anything at this very moment.  I looked at myself in the mirror and said should, smoud, and said screw that all you have is now.  I know smoud isn't a word.  Oh well.
   It's never too late to change things right now.  I don't give a shit about being too old or this and that.  I admit to not being good about taking my advice on my accounts.  Hopefully I will this time, or better yet someone who reads this will be inspired by this.  I only say that because I hope this helps someone who's struggling.  I don't write these things for credit ever.
  So, let's go back to the concept of now for a moment.  Everything is fine right now.  I will sometimes complain about things I have to do in the future.  I worry about stuff and 99% of the worrying is bullshit.  So, I ask you if you're worrying, what is wrong with right now?  My only problem right now is that I ate too much at Chipotle in North Brunswick.  So, I'll eat healthy from here on out, I hope. Anyway, that's not a huge problem.  I am not making light of things people have to go through.  People go through many a rough time.  Just stay in the now and deal with it one step at a time.  I have a cat meowing at me, so I'll end this here.