Monday, August 18, 2014

Post Bard Festival Blog Post

Long time no blog, so I will blog away now.  First off, what an amazing experience the Bard Festival was.  I shed some tears when I was driving home last night.  Leon Botstein runs one hell of a summer festival.  It's astounding how much he does for people as far as educating them and promoting culture.  Plus he provides employment to many artists in this country, and for that I am grateful.  The level of talent and love for the music is unique.  I am having serious withdrawal right now. The e flat mass by Schubert is one of the greatest masses.  It's amazing how he wrote so much in such a short life and most of its good.  What an experience and fine group of people.  I'm not an ass kisser, and don't say these things unless I mean them.
   So, what's next?  Of course there is the usual stuff.  Church job, high holidays gig etc...   However, there's obviously a lot more to life.  I'm making an effort to be more open with people.  I was proud of myself for being friendlier at Bard this year.  I even danced at the Spiegeltent, after initially telling my friend Roosevelt no about twenty times. In life we keep growing, we keep getting out of our comfort zones and breaking inhibitions.  Life keeps going and I plan to keep growing.  Strides have been made, but there is a lot of work to be done.  My next goal honestly is working on discarding some poor habits.  For example, I need to follow all the way through on things.  Not easy, but essential.  Discipline is not always my strong point, so I plan to work on that.
   What else can I say here?  Being home for the first day from Bard was a bit unsettling.  It feels a bit lonely at the moment.  Accept for having my kitty back.  Yes I'm a softie at heart.  It was cool being around fellow artists and so many of them.  It's also astounding how many artists were employed this summer.  There are countries where fifteen dollars is a lot of money, and we were all employed this summer and doing what we love.  Anyway, I think I veered off topic a bit.  I'm in Bard withdrawal, and sort of feel like, what's next?  I guess more will be revealed.   When we go away for a while and then come home, there's an adjustment to be made.  I'm currently in the mode.  More later.  Love to all.