Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stuff That's Going On

      This is my first blog post of 2014.  Happy blog new year to all.  I think 2013 ended on a good note for me.  I quit caffeine and I feel a lot better, and boy was that difficult to do.  Also, I finished the year with some nice concerts and services, and spending Christmas with my family.  Most importantly I grew as a human being in 2013, gaining more compassion and understanding towards others.  Compassion and understanding is always a work in progress for me.
      The year 2014 is looking good so far.  I am planning some recitals and am putting on a benefit concert to help the relief effort in the Philippines.  The concert for the Philippines is going to be an opera scenes concert consisting of excerpts from operas such as Cosi fan Tutte, Die Zauberflote, Die Lustigen Weiber Von Windsor, Candide, Lakme and Madama Butterfly to name a few.  This program will feature some of my finest colleagues and a guest speaker from Web of  Compassion to emphasize the need for help in the Philippines.  Before that I will doing a joint recital with soprano Amy Suznovich and Lynda Saponara.  This will be April 12 at the Barclay Square in Princeton, NJ.  Great music will be performed in an intimate setting.  In addition, I am going to be involved in some cool concerts at St. Catherine of Sienna Church.  Also, I will be performing with my ensemble, The Thoreau Concert at Christ Church in New Brunswick on March 1 at 7 PM.  Certainly PM, because I ain't doing it at 7 in the am folks.  This concert will feature Patrick Durek on classical guitar, Jeffrey Farrington tickling the ivories, and Jose Pietre-Coimbre tickling the fiddle.  So, lots of music events to look forward to, and more to come of course.  No upcoming year is complete without a lot of performances.
    The most important thing I have been working on in my life lately, and which I really want to continue this year is to have a positive attitude.  Having a positive attitude actually takes a lot of work for me.  Everytime I get into a negative mindset, I just trust the powers that be that things are going to work out.  Actually that's bullshit.  Sometimes I don't trust the powers that be that things are going to work out, but when I do, it is a much easier way to live.  I don't want to live with an attitude of regret, anger, bitterness and misery.  I guess that can be fun in a weird way, if you like to waste a lot of energy.  I find it easier to have faith that things are going to work out in a good way.
     Also, I want to urge people who bully others to cease and desist.  I post on bullying a lot because I was bullied.  However, what I went through was nothing based on what I hear happening today.  When I was bullied it was just words.  It was seldom physical, and the internet wasn't in full swing yet.  With the internet being so widely used now in 2014, we need to watch what we say about others.   So forget hatred and get to know love.  Love is part of our higher selves, and it is the best way to treat others.  I am not trying to sound like a saint.  I am far from being a saint, but the idea of loving others works a lot better than hate.  I recently saw a story on HLN about a seven year old boy who has cancer.  As a result of undergoing chemo the boy experienced hair loss.  You want to know what his friend did?  His friend shaved his head to so he could support his friend with cancer.  I want to hear more about that then stories about bullying.