Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Is There Racism?

 I am disturbed that any type of racism still exists.  As a matter of fact it disgusts me.  Any acts that don't have love behind them disgust me.  I see these horrifying posts on Facebook about black people being beaten or killed. Why we have to have any violence is beyond me.  If someone understands why violence needs to exist, send me a fax or an email.
   This racism stuff has to go.  I just want to know how it ever got started in the first place.  I can't comprehend why some people are viewed as less human than others.  This goes strongly for men versus women too. There should be no versus in that sentence.  The word should be equal instead of versus.  It's hard being a woman.  I can't even imagine.  Men harassing you on the street and what not.  As a guy, I can walk from point A to point B safely without some dude harassing me.  Well most of the time.  I did get harassed by guys in Baltimore.  One of them said "nice ass."  Generally, that doesn't happen to me though.  I just hate violence and inequality.  If god made us, god didn't say that one gender or race is superior to the other.  If he did, let me know.  I didn't hear that anywhere.  I'm also not trying to start an argument with this post.  I just don't like when people are hurt physically, spiritually or mentally because of their race, gender or beliefs.
  Same deal with bullying.  What the fuck is that about?  Some kid is nice, so let's insult and taunt him or her verbally and electronically over the internet.  It might make them take their life.  It happens all the time.  Sometimes the teachers in schools are the bullies.  That really perplexes me.  There have been recordings of teachers bullying special needs children on the news.  Very disturbing, and furthermore, those teachers didn't even get fired.  I'd need shock therapy if I were the parent.  I guess this post is dark.  I didn't intend it that way when I started writing.  I don't know what if anything I can do about all this.  Bullying and racism really anger me greatly.
  Let's end this on a bright note.  Why not, love and nurture one another instead of being violent or hurtful?  We can live in a hostile world or a peaceful one.  Which one are we going to choose?  We can actually choose to be happy at any moment.  It's actually that simple.  If someone bullied or abused you, let them go.  The best revenge is letting toxic people go, and being healthy and prospering.