Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The antidote to violence

This is a poem I am working on setting to music.  I'm a bit tired and over stressed with work, so I was thinking about how love conquers fear.  Very important stuff.

What's with all the violence in the world?  Shooting after shooting and constant hostility.  Every time I see the news I get sickened.  Where is the humility?  I ask you, why is there  so much anger and hate?  Why can't people just love one another?  It should be innate.  These are questions I ponder.

Wtf is going on in this crazy world?  So much bullying and insults being hurled.  wtf is bullying all about?  Bullies are people full of self doubt.  Insecure people being cowards.  People should send flowers.  Lots of unanswered questions as violence increases.  When we love one another it decreases.  So, let's send out love before the world falls to pieces.  Peace is the answer, and that comes from love.  Love is the better option when push comes to shove.
   Oh how violence disgusts me.
 Love, patience and tolerance are
key.  The stinking news is negative
shit, which puts my emotions in a bottomless pit.  Oh how they like to scare us with terrible things someone did.  Why not put positive things on the grid?  Negative shit keeps the violence going.  Sewing love is the antidote to violence, so let's keep growing.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old Habits Die Hard

What does insanity mean?  Doing the same thing, while expecting different results.  So, the obvious here is to stop doing the old toxic habit.  The results of doing it are going to be the same, so then you think to yourself, why did I do that shit again?  I tend to worry about situations and anticipate the scenarios, which doesn't make any sense at all because they haven't happened yet. In addition, I'm wrong about how they'll turn out because anxiety blows stuff out of proportion.  Emotions and our brains are powerful combinations.  Old habits get ingrained and they're just damn hard to change.  I'll get nervous and worry about scenarios when I am fully aware that the worrying just wastes energy.  Besides, if I have a rehearsal or gig, all I can do is to prepare as best I can.  Of course I always feel like I'm not always prepared enough, so that doesn't help.  Dale Carnegie's advice about accepting the worst thing that could happen and moving on is much easier said then done.  I have adventurous thoughts for lack of a better word about what the worst thing can be.  It's a funny thing because there are times when I imagine a scenario going well and it works a lot better for me and the people around me in the situation.  How do you like that?  My default state is to be nervous and worry though.  What's the solution to that? Fake it till you make it? It can be baffling because all the anxiety never helps anything.
   Old habits that don't work need to be thrown out.  Accentuate the good and throw out the bad.  Again, easier said then done, right?  It feels like if should be easy though.  How do bad habits serve us?  They're familiar for one thing, they keep us in our comfort zone, and they're so stinking hard to break.  Whether they be addictions, food cravings, gambling or whatever, they are so damn hard to break.  Replacing the bad habits with good habits is the way to go.  Not an easy route to take.  It will be hard at first, but it's well worth it.  I need to try this myself on a lot of things.  I'm not the best at taking my own advice.  I feel funny giving advice at all on breaking habits.  I just know that when I have anxiety which is an old habit dying hard for me, I'm almost always wrong about the situations I'm playing out.