Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Complaints and Grievances about Driving

     I drive too much, although I am fully aware that driving is a huge privilege. There's just one problem. The other drivers!  How the fuck do some of them get licenses?  Part of the reason I am asking this is because a car is a vehicle, not a weapon.  You can't win on route sucks, I mean route 1.  Either someone is going super slow admiring the Hess station on the left or wants to have a hybrid of their car and my car.  After all, the scenery must look like the fucking Rocky Mountains, right?  Then there's route mental hospital, I mean 18.  I am driving on there earlier waiting in the obscene traffic jam, and people have the audacity to cut in line.  I'm in the right lane, and people drive on the shoulder and cut in front of people.  It gets them one car ahead of that person. Ah, hah, hah! 
     I'm venting because the other drivers get to me.  Also, I am being comical.  I'm also just perplexed at why people use cars as weapons or ways of bullying.  Cars are machines that weigh several tons.  If someone cuts me off on the right when the lane is merging, does it ever occur to them that one of us or both of us could be killed?  The amount of time they save is less time then a person going to the bathroom.  The alerts on the signs should say, "watch out for the other drivers." This includes me sometimes.  I don't claim to be a gift to driving.  I just want people to be safe.  Other drivers had the patience of rapid animals sometimes.  I hear enough fucking honking outside of my building for a composer to write a new symphony.  Some would jump at that idea in half a minute, so maybe I shouldn't publish this posting.  
     Last but not least there are the trucks.  I'm surprised I'm not still driving behind one since they go from 0-60 in 50 years.  They slow traffic down all the time, and some of them drive like maniacs.  This ain't fucking NASCAR, okay?  Last thing I need is some truck tailing my ass.  This is humor, I am not trying to offend truck drivers.  Most truck drivers are doing their jobs very responsibly I'm sure.  However, some do drive like maniacs and think they are racing a car.  
    In writing something like this my intention is to get a point across, and do it with humor.  This is comedy, and there are elements of truth in it.  Although, I won't lie to you, some drivers piss me off!  For example if its a 50 zone, why go 35??  Drives me crazy.  Excuse the pun, couldn't help it.  Reverse tickets should be part of the deal.  If a driver is driving at a speed a person can bike at, it defeats the purpose of a car.  Pull their asses over and tell them to ride their bikes or hit some sort of pedal.  This blog post is finished.  I'm outta here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If You Are Being Bullied, Reach Out

In this blog entry I want to talk about bullying again.  First of all, if you are reading this and tend to bully people, please stop.  It really scars people for a long time.  I am talking about cruel teasing and harassment, versus the simple I'm jez, playin wit chu stuff that goes on which is harmless.  I am not writing this to complain or ask for any sympathy.  I am hoping that what I have to say might benefit those who are getting bullied at school or work.  Those are the main two areas where people get bullied.  Oh yes, there's parents too, who bully their kids.  Wonderful, terrific.  
  Bullies are insecure.  I have bullied a couple times in my life regretfully, and I felt insecure or was afraid of getting bullied myself every single time took part in bullying.  However, I could stop when the victim started to get upset or cry.  I could not go through with it.  I made a friend cry at a camp a number of year a go, and I felt terrible.  I was trying to impress some girls.  It doesn't work that way.  Often bullies do not stop at that line.  The line, where it is enough and the victim, who is a human being by the way is really getting very upset.  When that line is crossed, get help immediately.  If the school doesn't care, get counseling. Also, hang out with friends you have things in common with.  If not in school, find an activity you like.  
   Suicide is becoming a more and more common theme with bullying.  Remember that suicide is an all or nothing choice.  Once you make that choice, you're done.  Reach out instead.  The president himself was making that suggestion.  Of course there are cases where bullying victims have been beaten and died from their wounds.  If beatings are happening, change schools, call the police.  Just simply get help.  Fuck the consequences.  Getting help is your best chance.  Now, there are instances where parents tell the school, and they don't do anything.  Why are they working at a school, then?  A school is a place for learning, and not bullying.  This especially includes the teachers.  Coaches actually call student losers.  Then if the parents over hear it they get nice again.  Listen, abusive coaches and teachers, you are not fooling anyone.  
  So, to quickly review.  Bullies, cut the crap.  Get help, and figure out why you are bullying.  For those bullies who apologize, I applaud you.  Victims of bullying, please get help before you hurt yourself, or kill yourself.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Talk up to people, not down

     I have been drawing a blank on what to blog about lately.  So, I am siting in the dark watching my tuxedo cat sleep on my dresser.  She has grown to love that spot.  So much so, that I actually had to clean some of it off for a change.  This cat is certainly a music fan.  She finds it very peaceful.  I was playing songs by Charles Ives earlier, and her ears perked up.  I know that's a good thing because if she doesn't like something she runs away.  A lot of famous composers had cats such as Vaughan Williams and Stravinsky.  My cat is cool, and I can always count on her for the early morning wake up calls I don't want. This is so far a post about nothing.  I guess the purpose is to put my thoughts toward something other than myself.
    I would like to address one thing in this post, and it's my opinion, so take it or leave it.  If I think I can control someone or run their life, I am setting myself up for a disappointment.  People's lives are their lives for a reason.  Now, say I am a parent and my kid is just screwing around and slacking off.  I can point that out and say, hey, you are capable of a lot more, go out and go for your dreams. However, I cannot control the situation.  It seems like a lot of people think they can run people's lives.  They know what you should do.  Sometimes people tell me I should do this and that, and the advice makes no sense, and I didn't ask for the advice.  I realize that the other person may be coming from a loving place, but there is a way of doing it that can be effective.  If I am telling someone they should do whatever like a know it all, that's just arrogant, not helpful or encouraging.  I guess condescending is the word.  I'll be damned if I think I know what other people should do.
   I am a bit annoyed because I get a lot of unsolicited advice, and have been lately.  It makes me feel like I'm not good enough, or I am not being accepted for who I am.  Here's the deal.  There is no need to be arrogant or condescending, or tell people what they need to do.  What a bunch of garbage.  I put people like that out of my life.  They're not building me up, they are shooting me down.  Do not shoot people down or talk down to them.  No one is less than any one else.  People have their own destiny, so who am I to mess around with it.  Do not give advice, especially if it is not relevant.  Suggestions are cool.  I am talking about demands and know it all crap.  Believe in yourself and go after your dreams.