Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018!

     Happy New Year to everyone!  Throw out the bad and bring in the good for 2018!  This is a new start and it’s critically important for me to be positive and do my damn best to keep it that way.
    I have the tendency to start off a New Year really well, but I don’t tend to finish them well.  So, how do I change that?  By not giving up.  I can get into self pity like nobody’s business when things don’t go my way.  It happened to me last week.  Yuck and fuck that.  Giving up is automatic failure.  Period.  Also, giving up and acting like a three year old is very negative and unattractive.  There are times when I get down on myself and act like a baby.  Baby’s can’t grow beards, so being a better man is a better option. 
   So, can I be a different cat in 2018?  Yes, I can do that anytime.  The word can’t is bullshit by the way unless I say I can get a game off Roger Federer in tennis, in which case I would just duck because I can’t.  Can I get better at my craft, be a better version of Nick, change myself, get in better shape and ya da ya da?  You bet your ass!  Those goals are realistic and achievable!
   If I set goals and even accomplish some of them, that’s pretty good!  Am I going to be perfect?  Hell no!  Am I going to stop caring what others think?  No freaking way!  Can I improve on something like caring what other people think and be aware of it?  Yes! I am fully aware that it does not matter what others think, but my mind fucks with me and tells me otherwise.  Am I going to stop criticizing myself and others entirely?  No!  Can I improve on self criticism and criticizing others?  Hell yeah!  Can I improve myself?  Absofreakinglutely!  
  I like to keep New Years resolutions realistic for myself.  Am I going to fail?  Yes!  How can I learn if I don’t fail?  Making an effort to change is huge.  Did I run away from certain things in 2017?  Yes!  Can I improve on those things in 2018?  The answer is yes!  I’m already making a start on that by cutting caffeine down and eating better.  

  What point am I trying to make?  The big point is if you have a setback with your goals for 2018, don’t give up!  Giving up=sucking! Having grit=awesome!  Let’s keep fighting the good fight!