Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year

  First of all happy 2013 to everyone!  I hope everyone has a great and prosperous year.  My 2012 was pretty good in general although the second half of the year flew by insanely fast.  I feel like that happens with every year.  September-December, where did it go?  I was too busy to really notice it.  Too busy with work, getting in my own way, performances, and all that jazz.  Life goes by and we miss it.  I know that goes for me personally.  I need to have a little gratitude, which I do at the moment. I am a live, well, doing what I love to do, and on a good path if I allow it to unfold.  I learn more and more each day, even though some days are like, what happened to that day?  When time flies by it is important to remember that any day we are a live is a gift.  I will repeat that, if we are a live, it is a gift.  I was in a deli buying some water yesterday, and the man behind the desk said that to me.
   All of these shootings and hate crimes, which have been contagious lately for some reason, are prime examples of why each day is a gift.  We never know what might happen, and regretfully, that is even more the case than ever right now, and that is a bit of a shame.  The shooting took place in Connecticut, now things like that are happening more.  The question of why they happen in the first place is one I cannot really answer.  We need love versus hate in the world.  Only love really is worthwhile.  When I have any type of hate I feel terrible inside and out.  It is not a healthy emotion to have.  Problems are not really solved by hate.  Hate causes death and all sorts of other problems.  Plus when people walk around with hate, it comes out of their every pore, and it noticeable.  If I am walking down the street, and projecting hate, people look uncomfortable, and I do not even know them.
   So, I am hoping that there is more love and less hate in 2013.   That includes me sometimes, especially towards myself.  Hate is such a waste of time.  I am not talking about myself as an artist when I say that.  If I play Iago, I have to have hate for the character.  Real life is not the same thing, and I do not think people realize that when they go on shooting sprees or whatever it may be.  Life is too short for anger and hate.  Love goes a lot further, and accomplishes a lot more with more effective results.  If I express anger and hate towards someone, I am going to get it back, or shut the other person down, whereas, the opposite is also true.  I guess this is a bunch of random philosophy type jargon, but I want all the hate and anger to stop, including my own.  I always include myself when I write these kind of things, so as not to be a hypocrite.
   My resolutions for 2013 are to not live in fear, take some risks with my craft, be as kind to others as I can, and keep making positive changes.  Life is a life time journey, and all I can do is my best.  But, it is worth changing for the positive, or why bother.  Life is such a precious gift, which is more precious than ever at this point in time.  I just need to not try too hard to figure life out, or it will just go by like the wind, which it does already.  I am not really into the I'm going to go to the gym everyday.  I need to exercise, but I do not do the I'm going to lose 40 pounds by March 1st kind of talk.  It does not work for me.  I state goals in a more general sense, and I do not put the timeline pressure on myself.  So, happy 2013, and lets make the most of the time we have on earth.

The People That Walked in Darkness, from Handel's "Messiah" by nickbass78

The People That Walked in Darkness, from Handel's "Messiah" by nickbass78

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Post

It's been nearly a month since my last posting.  Busy, busy, busy equals exhausting, but it is good to be busy.  Those shootings sure were disturbing last Friday.  I went on facebook, my current addiction of choice, and people wrote about these shootings.  I google searched it in disbelief and alas it really happened.   So much for a normal day at school for a bunch of innocent adults and children, right?  Schools should be the safest and most nurturing places on the face of the earth.  Well, so much for that idea, and this has been occuring numerous times I might add.  What causes these shooters to open fire is something I am not qualified to answer.  The kid who was the gunman's mother shouldn't have had a gun in the house, that's for sure.  There are so many accidents and uintentional, and intentional problems with guns, need I say more?  Plus if someone is angry, escaping with a kick in the nuts beats a gun shot wound, right?  I don't mean to offend anyone with that remark, but I am putting home the issue at hand here.  Just, the plain fact is that the mother of the shooter owned a gun.  These things are complicated, but I have no idea why she owned a freaking gun.  I really don't know what the answer is.  Not owning a gun would help though.  There are many tragic events in the world each day, and this one hit me really hard, as it did many people.  Seeing the video of that sweet little girl playing the piano and singing is heart breaking.  We lost a potentially great musician and human being there.  She was just having fun and being a kid.  Many people with careers, marriages, and children of their own in the future were lost.  These children were part of our great hope for future generations.    One or many of these children could have made a huge difference in the world, and they have been stripped of that chance.  The main thing is they were innocent people partaking in normal school activities.  Imagine being a family member or friend of the victims and trying to accept the situation.  Isn't acceptance a bitch sometimes?  It sure is here.
   I'm pretty lucky, as are a lot of us to have our lives and health.  I have a choice of whether to enjoy life or not in this very moment in time.  Since events continually occur that prove how precious life is, enjoying life is a good idea.  Life can be flat out exhausting and what not, but hey I'll take it.  The blessings in my own life out weigh the problems by a million pounds.