Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Joy of Singing

The art of singing is a beautiful art form which is intended to give the singer and the listener joy. Quite often I get all wrapped up in having a perfect technique, diction etc..., that I forget that singing is a joy, and a precious gift. Anyone who has any unique gift should use it as much as they can. Singing is an astounding art form, and that is why so many people come to hear singers of various genres. When people sing songs, or hear songs being sung, they are transformed to another realm. It is a singers task to express various emotions with their voices and their bodies, and to give themselves and the audience joy as a result. Singing is a joyful activity, but nerves often get in the way. Nerves serve their purpose if the energy is directed the right way. In my experience, I had nerves serve me both ways. When the nerves result in adrenaline which is positive, that rush is awesome, and the results can be a positive surprise. the other way around equals high larynx and a strangled sound, or not being involved in the emotions behind the text and music. It is absolutely astounding to think about what the human voice can do. How can a particular person's voice bring forth so much emotion in themselves and the listener? I am sure that there are a lot of people who have sensational singing voices who do not realize it. Do not be afraid to try, and remember it is a joy. Remembering that it is a joy, and that no one can bring you down except yourself is key. I often need to be reminded that it is a joy. Guess what. Remembering that singing is a joy makes us singers who think too much stop thinking too much. It does not matter whether people think my singing is good or bad. It only matters that I do not forget it is a joy. If I do forget that it is a joy, then it is an arduous chore.

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