Friday, September 9, 2011

US Open Predictions

The US Open goes by way too fast. The top four mens seeds have made it into the semi-finals again. In fact the two semi-final matchups are identical to last years. On the women's side, Serena is back and kicking ass baby. Wozniacki and Stosur are playing pretty well too. So, who is going to win on each side? Can Serena and Federer regain the US Open title? These questions will be answered by Monday or Tuesday. Here are my thoughts. Ladies first, so I will start with the women. Serena is back, can Wozniacki beat her? I would say no, because she has no big weapon to test Serena. If she wants to have any chance, she must get a lot of first serves in and end points quickly. Serena will crush Wozniacki's second serve. My prediction is Serena in straight sets. Wozniacki needs a weapon in order to win a major. Serena has a lot of weapons. Wozniacki is a great player, but she is going bye bye. I am not familiar with Stosur's opponent, so I can't really comment on this match. If Stosur wins and plays Serena, it will either be a great match or a blow out for Serena. It depends which Stosur shows up. If it is a tight match Serena will still win. Stosur is not a good finisher. It is very tough mentally, I totally understand. Serena will regain the title and win her forth US Open. Andy Murray will probably not beat Nadal. Nadal is playing very well. Does Murray have a shot? He certainly does. He must serve out wide and play at net a lot. Also, he must be patient in rallies. If he has break chances, he must convert. He had chances last year and did not capitalize. Also Murray must attack Nadal's backhand. Nadal's forehand is ridiculously good. The amount of spin on it is insane. I think Nadal will take it in four sets. Can Federer beat Dvokovic again? He is one of two people who have beaten him this year. He can beat him again for sure. He absolutely must serve well. Also, he cannot play loose games. He did that against Tsonga the other night. Also, he must be in attack mode. This is going to be a war. I really have no prediction here. If Federer makes a lot of unforced errors, he will lose. Dvokovic could cause havoc by going to Fed's backhand which will force those errors. That is what he is going to try to do. Federer needs to prevent him from getting into a steady rhythm off the ground. Novak can out hit Federer from the baseline. Fed's net game is looking really good. He needs to attack. As for the final, Nadal would love to see Federer beat Dvokovic. Dvokovic has had Rafa's number as of late. Nadal creates all sorts of problems for Federer. Rafa kicks the ball up to Fed's backhand and beats him that way. If Federer does play Rafa in the final he must attack and keep attacking. Long ass rallies won't work. If Dvokovic beats Federer, I think he will win his first US Open. He can vary his speeds of play and throw Nadal off. It is going to be really tough for Federer to keep making history and win his 17th major. Nadal is currently the guy who had the best shot st catching him. If he wins this tournament he will have 11 major titles. Dvokovic would only have 4. It's going to be three awesome days of tennis.

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