Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, how did this guy go from talking about Wagner to talking about dogs? That is an easy one because dogs are the most loyal companions in the universe. They are always there for you no matter what, they do not judge, criticize or argue. Although, some hide under the bed. My friend Nicole Zuraitis keeps puttin posts up about dogs being destroyed. How can that happen? Nicole is constantly trying to do something about it, which I admire. I have had two dogs in my life which mean a great deal to me. The first was a majestic English Springer Spaniel, who I had from high school until three years after grad school. He had this affinity for music. Whenever I would play music on the stereo on the porch of our old house he would sit down and listen as long as it was something profound. He really liked opera, and George and John's solo albums. He would lie down and listen, and be the loyal companion that he was. Let's face it, if something negative is going on, the dog knows. Same with the other way around. This dog's name was Andrew. I remember when we got him, he came up onto the couch and lay down on my lap. Andrew's sister was biting my dad's tie, so the decision was an easy one. Andrew was a calm dog, but he knew what he wanted. He would beg for food until the end of time. Also, when we first got him, we put him in the back of the car, and he was wailing like crazy, we moved him up, and all was quiet. He was very smart and knew how to escape even when we thought we had areas blocked off. His nickname was Hudini. He was famous for taking the garbage apart. This dog was special. Putting him down was heartbreaking. I very rarely cry my eyes out, but this did it. Old age and death are the inevitable, and there are other great dogs, such as the one we have now. He belongs to my sister, but I love him deeply anyway. He is a little guy, about 18 pounds. He is a Shih-tzu, or maybe a mix of some kind. Malfoy is different than Andrew was. He does not have the affinity for music, but he is less food crazed, and goes with the flow. However, if he hears anything that sounds like thunder he freaks out. Like Andrew he is loyal, but in a different way. He follows his owner and those close to him around on occasion. Sometimes, I cannot take a shower without him following me. Also, he loves the car, and gets super excited if I even say that word. Sometimes he jumps into my bed, and picks the wrong place to lie down. He lies down next to me, and if i try to move, he moves with me until i have no room left on the bed. You cannot top that loyalty though. Malfoy has good instincts. When my sister and I need love, he knows. When my father had a medical problem on christmas of last year, Malfoy knew something was wrong. I ended up watching him during that time because of the snow storm. He was a life saver for me during that hard time. One thing funny about him is that his size is only a technicality because he likes to take charge on walks. Unless, there is a loud noise that sounds like thunder, Malfoy has a confident demeanor. He will not hesitate to bark at dog literally five times his size. Malfoy had a rough early upbringing. He came from an abusive owner, and was given up for adoption. He literally looked like a rodent when we picked him up at Petco. He did not trust me at all at first. My sister was and is his owner from the get go. Malfoy can be needy, but we still love him.

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  1. Malfoy is our little nervous baby hehe he fits right into this family! haha