Saturday, September 3, 2011

Federer too old?

Roger Federer is past his prime. He is still great though, and could win another major. I've developed more respect for the guy lately. He helped the legendary opera great Caballe onto the stage. I thought he was arrogant before I saw that. I'll make this quick. He's 30, he's 3 in the world, and still in the mix. He can stay with Nadal and Dvokovic physically, but can he mentally? The media won't help him. Once a lengendary athlete gets older, they face a lot of questions from the media about retirement. Whether Federer wins another major or not, he is still great. I think he can win the US Open, but has he slipped mentally? He may have, and could beat himself. Any human being can relate to that. If they say otherwise, they are lying. Anyhow, I don't want to ramble here. He can steal another title. If his serve is on, he is an ace machine. I think to be 3 in the world at age 30 is pretty amazing. Federer's level of fitness is astounding. He can stay competitive for a few more years. He is not favored to win the 2011 US Open, but he can. Pete Sampras did in 2002. I sure as hell didn't expect that.

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