Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann can freaking sing baby. This tenor is a freak of nature because he is so versatile. How on earth can a tenor with this kind of vocal weight sing Tamino's arias? He certainly can sing them. Spinto tenor, Tamino? Well, in this case, ja wohl! This man sings with passion. Oh yeah, and he has a masterful technique, too. Listen to him sing the flower song from Carmen. He not only sings the high b flat piano, but also decrescendos it. But, yeah, what's so special about thus guy aside from his handsome looks and lion mane? His lion mane is more curly than Hvorostovsky's. What's special is that he is a genuine artist who sings from his gut. When he sings, he means it. Every word and note means something to him, and boy does it come across to the audience. I'll tell you, that kind of artistry is not found just anywhere. This man has special gifts. Since he is German, he naturally sounds Germanic. He lacks the forward Italian sound of Italian tenors. I don't give a rats behind because he can sell any aria. Plus he has an insanely easy upper range. As a singer myself, I am envious of this guy, but hey, people like him are around because God gave them a special gift. That gift is artistic abilities that can save the world. I was watching some youtubes of this guy and I got inspired to write something. He does have a baritonal quality in his timbre which is an acquired taste. I dig it.

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