Monday, September 24, 2012

The Next Level

I have had writers block lately, and still have it now, but I am going to attempt to write now to get out of it. Here goes. I feel a strong desire to take the next level as a human being and musician. That's scary stuff, because it involves taking risks which get me out of my comfort zone. It really involves putting myself out there both musically and socially. If I isolate in both respects, where does that get me? Well, no where essentially except in the same zone. There's power in me to take the next level of that's if I tap into it. I am an ironed will kind of guy. If I use that iron will properly, great things await. Of course bad things happen, and life isn't one sided. However, I can become a better person and musician throughout my life if I use spiritual power, which is proper use of the will. Now, here's the other side of the coin. There are negative behaviors engrained in me which will keep me on the same level or take me down levels. Smoke me is an even clearer way of putting it. If I continually shame myself, judge myself, tell myself I can't do things, then I'm toast. What I need to do to take the next level is take risks. Perform, take auditions, be more social and what not. Of course I say need objectively, because I am an adult and don't have to do anything. Not doing things which result in positive growth is just a poor choice. Making the right choices which involve risk of criticism is tough because or fear (fuck everything and run). Well ffire(fuck fear in its rear end), and fear (face everything and roar)it's better that way despite the initial fear. How many times do we live? So live.

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