Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time Travel

Sometimes I wish time travel were actually possible, and sometimes I do not wish it were possible. We all make mistakes, and we try to learn from them. All we can do is try to learn from our mistakes. When we make mistakes again, it is all the more humbling. Time travel is not possible, and we all know that. The present is pretty wonderful, but there are some situations that I wish I had handled differently. I am sure we all have situations like that. I sometimes think, if only I had reacted this way, a situation would have had a better outcome. Time travel is not possible though. I cannot go back to some event which I did not handle correctly a week a go. It is a phenomenon how time just passes and passes, and things cannot be done over. I do not get time back, and that is the absolute truth. I can do things differently the next time, but I cannot get the time back. It is a fascinating concept if you really think about it. It would be cool to go back hundreds or thousands of years, and meet famous people. It would be pretty neat to see what things were really like in the 17 and 18 hundreds. Think about all the technological things we have now, and try living without any of them. That sounds totally far fetched, but back then it was reality. Composers wrote all this great music hundreds of years a go without any technology. How did they do that? I wish we all could go back in time and find out. I have mixed feelings about technology. It has a lot of advantages for sure. I could not write this without technology, and I do love to write. However, I can get a bit too attached to my iPad and iPhone for my own good sometimes. Not always a good thing. It can make me miss moments of life which I cannot get back. I am very in favor of technology, but a break from it is not a bad idea sometimes. Every moment in life counts, and we cannot get them back.

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