Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lin Slur

I hate any type of racism, period and end of story. Jeremy Lin is a new celebrity, and a lot of things come with that territory. But, I didn't read any manual which said that racist comments come with the territory, but it does. That goes for everyone, not just celebrities. There's a lot of racism which goes unnoticed with people who are not celebrities. Using the word Chink in a headline is unacceptable. Jeremy Lin's turnovers mean that he is pressing to hard because he wants to win. He is a man who wants to win basketball games. He's so humble in interviews that he credits his teammates above himself. It doesn't matter at all who he is. What matters is the fact that racism is out there. I really cannot get a grip on the logic of racism. People are just people. I forget who wrote the slur, and I know he apologized, but to me that just doesn't cut it. He should be fired because he could have just commented on the turnovers and not made the racial statement. I was really taken back when I heard about this on CNN this morning. The CNN crew wouldnt even repeat it. We are all just people, and that's the end of it.

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