Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glass = Half Full

The purpose of this blog posting is not to solve a math equation. I am not the right person to do that. I do know that I can think things are going well, or everything sucks. I can dwell on what is good right now, or what is wrong with everything and everyone. This moment right now is all we really have. It is quite simple, isn't it? The glass is half empty, or it is half full. I am healthy, I am a live, and I have a bed to go home to tonight which is not a box. Therefore, I have what I need at the moment. Who cares about what I don't have. If I focus on that it sends out an ungrateful vibe to the universe. A lot of people do not have their health, or a bed to sleep in. I am no better than these people at all. I am lucky, and that is all. Of course this glass is half full attitude can be tough when life throws curveballs, or is not going the way we want it too. I write these things to share my experience. My experience of life is what I know for myself. If that helps someone, then great. Glass is half empty, versus glass is half full is a choice of attitude. I emphasis the word choice, because we have that choice at any given time starting now. I need to have this explained to me constantly. But, it is something I am working hard on. The glass is half empty choice on the menu causes food poisoning and indigestion. Since there are only two choices on the menu, I'm going with the glass is half full right now. It's more pleasant for the people around me. I am being comical and serious at the same time with the menu reference. Glass is half empty attitude is toxic. Glass is half full is much more edible for myself and the people around me. To switch attitudes, just think about one thing that is going well, and then more things will come to mind. If your thoughts go on the toxic end, do not beat on yourself for it. Kind of a duh statement, but it is not always cemented in my brain. Just notice it, tell yourself you deserve better, and turn it around.

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