Saturday, August 20, 2011

Importance of Music

I am currently sitting in Everyman Espresso, which is a coffee shop connected to the 13th street theatre in New York City. I was just thinking about how important music actually is. I am talking about any genre of music. Even ones I don't know Jackshit about. Classical music is my background, and what I tend to gravitate towards. Although, the song "sparks" by Coldplay chokes me up on occasion. Why am I writing all this random nonsense. That is because, music is something we all can relate to. Take the song "Sparks" for example. When I hear that song, I think about crushes I have had, and I feel that pain of being too shy to talk to the person, being rejected or whatever. I am one happy guy to have ears and feelings that identify with the power of music. Music saves lifes. For example, I performed at a nursing home two years a go. People in nursing homes are saying farewell to life, just like Mahler was in his ninth symphony. Our performances lifted their spirits. I can't fathom a phenomenon more powerful than that. My point in all this is to emphasize the importance of music in the world. When a musical performance is good, all the ill in the world is gone for that time period of the performance. I know that when I get really into a piece, despite the various emotions I feel, all my troubles go away for just that moment.

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