Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fly tribute.

Since so many flies decided to bug us during our two shows of Die Zauberflote and Ariadne, I figured that they deserve a bio. After all, they did create a fly of emotions. Yes that is a lousy pun. Why don't you think of a better one. The first round of the fly fest took place during Thursday's performance of Ariadne. This fly had been pestering performers at the 13th street theatre for quite some time. Unfortunately this fly was fatally injured in the prologue of Ariadne while pestering the major domo. What a shame because we cannot say that no flieswere harmed in the making of this production. That is a piece of dry wit by the way. I am not being serious at all. This terrible killing pissed off the other flies and they came back with avengence during The Magic Flute the following night. They were pestering one of the priests in the show so much that he looked like he had tourettes as he said. This same fly flew towards my ear, and I swatted it away. Very Masonic, don't you think? Don't these flies realize that singers have to concentrate? We don't need these little pests making it even harder to do so. I gave up my one line as the third priest in order to get my revenge against the flies yesterday afternoon. But, alas I failed. It is a quarter of 2 in the morning, and I couldn't think of anything better to do aside from thank the fliesfor their helpful contributions in distracting the performers of both shows. These flies have a specific plan to harass the performers during the second weekend of performances. The first weekend the flies were hiding over the flies of the theatre.


  1. All I know, Nick, is that my wonderful Bacchus carefully caressed my hair as he was removing the fly from my head during our final moments on stage together this past Saturday night. I smiled the biggest smile possible on my rock after this chivalrous gesture.

  2. I'm glad he did that. Good job in the show,